August 18, 2008

Rubbish or fact??

I have to say something... I was brought to attention last Friday on a news in The Star newspaper about students protesting over a statement or proposal made that to allow 10% non-bumi students into this university.. Yes.. I'm referring to the statement made by UiTM case...

As you all know for the fact that in Bolehland, allocation for non-bumi in public university is only 10%.. that means out of 10 students, only 1 can be a non-bumi... Is this fair?? First of all, this is not fair at all for a country that always claim to be multiracial.. To me, this is bullshit.. If multiracial and harmony living style, this will not happen.. It will have equal opportunities for everyone irregardless on the race.. So what multiracial and harmony they are talking about?? Just to make the Bolehland look nice in other countries perspective?? Come on.. Grow up..

Secondly, why they all make it sound like other races wanting to get into their blardy university so much?? What rights are they talking about and what are the other people taking away from them?? Is it because of less allocation for their big ass to become graduates?? Come on.. other people have far way better place to be than to be enroll into than that stupid university and they don't need that opportunity for sure.. To me, it only tells me one thing: Those people who put up this motion are just a bunch of spoon-fed-cowards... Probably these are the lessons being taught in there:

OR This??

Perhaps This!!

August 07, 2008


I have gotten to know from some friends as well as colleagues in the office that our blardy efficient policemen are setting up roadblocks again at all major roads causing them to be late to work.. I seriously would like to know what the heck are all these roadblocks for where those stupid policemen are just standing there doing NOTHING and just wave their pathetic hands as people to pass.. Again for the public interest as like been said by one of the minister?

Come on people.. Grew up.. Citizens are not stupid to know what are all these for.. What public interest are you talking about? Causing massive traffic jam and making people late for work are called public interest? What logic is that? If all these hoo haa are just because of personal political problems, then please do not involve the citizens.. All these entire are goverment issue and not the country issue.. Why must make the citizen suffer?

Another angle that I can look at is that probably they did not get enough support from the last GE and now whatever small things that related to their problem, will make the citizen suffer for it as they chose that way.. If this is real, then they are just a bunch of sick assholes with no profesionalism.. Can't they just accept the fact and move on?? Apprently not.. They are still in their cave time..

What more good is the leader who not only supports all these and yet blaming others for what he has done.. Blaming civil servants for not being efficient which resulted in country's hate towards the government?? I would like to clarify on one thing here.. Isn't the leader himself is a civil servant too?? and who gives the direction as well as lead all the other civil servants in the country?? So who should the finger be pointing to?? You all already have the answer..

Wah piang eh.. I can honestly tell you that the country is way beyond help.. Even i think some genius also will not know how to help.. Is way beyond hopeless stage............... Again.......

July 31, 2008

Survival at Work..

Now, this topic has been in my head for a very long time.. I have been thinking that how to be in order to survive at workplace?? Please do not get me wrong that I am having a big time in my office.. I am pretty comfortable at where I am now.. It is just that this is something that I notice and realise that its a kind of 'must" thing for a lot of people.. Maybe they don't realise that they are actually doing that but for people who are at the sideline, we can see a lot of things.. Not out of jealousy please ar...

One thing that I notice is that in any work place, there are always ass kissers around.. I don't know whether you agree with me but this is what I have noticed.. When I say any work place, I mean any work place.. This is something that I just don't get the point. Is this something that a person must do in order to climb up the ladder or they will just feel secure if they does that. To me, if you kisses someone's ass in the office (most of the time is the superior people or those people that are influential) just to make sure that your position stays in the office or to make yourself look like you're the boss, then I will ask them to go to hell. These are just a bunch of useless ass as I can say that they are those type of person that is without any knowledge and experience person that needed this to be able to work their way up.. And worst still, most of the time they get to climb the ladder and we don't get it at all.. Cilakak.. I do also agree that some bosses likes their ass being kissed..

This makes me think on what happen to those people who are really hardworking and smart and know everything in and out of their job BUT yet can't move up the ladder.. Is it just because that person did not kiss the ass?? What a world nowadays have turn into...

If ass kissing is really that important, then I rest my case...

p/s: I tell you one thing hor, ass kisser will never survive long in the company one.. Why?? Because once the ass left the company then he got no more ass to kiss...